The Moon Through The Houses

1st - You show your feelings on your face and in the clothes you wear. The first house is what we present to others which means you could find it harder than most to hide how you feel.

2nd - This is the house of personal resources, so you may have a natural tendency to keep money in the bank to feel secure. May find it easier than most to attach a sentimental value to objects.

3rd - Communication is needed to feel emotionally secure. There could be a lot of love for siblings. The third house is also the domain of neighbours, and the moon here could suggest a correlation between the inner emotional balance and how we're getting along with those who live next door or around the corner.

4th - Your roots hold powerful memories and a part of you will always see your childhood place as being home. May be extremely private emotionally and only open up behind closed doors.

5th - Creative energy is high, writing or acting could be good for you if other chart factors back this up. Children could be of importance, and you may want lots. The moon in the fifth is all about the instinct to create.

6th - Healthy body, healthy mind. When you start to let these slide take it as a sign all is not well on an inner level. Working from home would be good, or maybe you see colleagues as your second family. For others with the Moon in the 6th, there could be an underlying need to be of service in some way.

7th - Partners are very important to you, but you must guard against being more concerned about their feelings than your own. Most likely of the moon positions to project feelings onto others.  

8th - You will be turned off by those with superficial emotions. If you're out of whack emotionally, money and sex could be seen as sources of power and control. You might like to hide your motives.

9th - A love of learning. You may gain emotional security through expanding your horizons with travel or higher education. Emotionally open unless other chart factors dominate. Either adventurous in love or a love of all things foreign.

10th - The need for status is emotionally driven. If you are to feel completely comfortable, you need to know where your place is in the world. The mother could be instrumental in shaping the career.

11th - Strong emotional attachment to friends. If you're a billy-no-mates you'll need an ideal to fight for. You should be comfortable in group settings, and may instinctively gravitate towards groups which reflect your internal state of being.

12th - Emotions run so deep you might have better access to them through dreamwork. You could be drawn to work within institutions such as hospitals and prisons.