Moon Sign Needs

Aries - Emotional independence and emotional space. With this Moon sign you can never give yourself away, but you can be conquered by the hero/ine. Emotional honesty in yourself and from others will make life easier. Don't be bullied into giving up the fight for the right to have feelings.

Taurus - Material stability brings comfort. Familiar surroundings, healthy routines and projects you can work on for the long term help you to feel secure. Cushions and different textures. A big bed, good food, and decent table manners. Don't be coerced into taking a road that has an unknown destination.

Gemini - Regular communication preferably through talking. People from your own age group and younger. Laughter and lightness. Brothers and sisters whether "adopted" or by blood. The freedom to ask lots of questions, don't be talked into revealing more than you are comfortable with.

Cancer - A place to call home. A Mum that you feel loved by, whether adopted or through blood. Small animals or vulnerable people that you can mother or nurture in some way. Blankets and a dark room. Trips to the beach. Don't feel you have to carry everyone else's feelings for them.

Leo - A sense of drama and theatrical emotions. A need to express yourself openly. Relationships that warm your heart. Don't let anyone tell you that you're over-reacting; your gift lies in making an emotional drama so that others can watch and learn.

Virgo - A sense of order. A list of things to do. Cleanliness in the surroundings. Matching socks. Time enough to pay attention to detail. Efficiency in how you conduct your life. Don't put up with someone telling you to chill out; your gift lies in discernment which means being able to process every thought. If your house is a mess, your emotions are likely to be messy.

Libra - Other people. Balance and peacefulness. Beauty from art, people or places. A home that is calm and clean. Plenty of get-togethers with friends and family. Don't start an affair; you'll never be able to choose.

Scorpio - Depth and intensity. A need for emotional privacy. Candlelight and gothic atmospheres. Trust, emotional intimacy with stability. More than anyone else you need to learn the difference between real intuition and fear. Don't let paranoia dictate to your feelings.

Sagittarius - Freedom to roam, travel. A back door. This Moon needs to explore emotion from a philosophical distance. Needs to see the bigger picture. Don't ever let anyone fool you into thinking your lack of attention to detail is a sign that you don't care.

Capricorn - A healthy status in life. Some financial security. This Moon has a need to respect tradition. Controlled emotional expression. Your own home. Long-term, reliable friends. Don't think you are incapable of love just because you tend to think of business first.

Aquarius - Friendship. Emotional space. To be able to talk about feelings from a distance. To treat friends as family. Don't think you are emotionless because you refuse to get drawn into drama; cool is not the same as cold.

Pisces - Dreams and imagination. Journeys within. Dark nights with only moonlight. Large bodies of water. Mystery. Heroes and heroines. A love that knows no bounds. Don't sacrifice your heart to those who are unwilling to commit to the same level that you are.

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