Aspects to the Moon

When the Sun is aspecting the Moon by trine, conjunction or sextile, it can show someone who finds it easier to unite feelings with the sense of self. With the square, opposition, or inconjunct it can be more difficult and indicate a natural conflict between your emotional needs and your core self. You can find ways to integrate these two seemingly separate parts, but it will take effort. It is said the contacts between the Sun and the Moon show if your parents were in harmony at the time of your conception. 
With positive aspects to Mercury, it can be easy to express feelings. With the challenging aspects, you could come up against barriers, interference, and conflict when you try to say how you feel. You may argue with yourself or find it difficult to get the words to come out right; try writing things down instead, and let those close to you know that you don't find it easy to talk openly. Aspects here can show how you get along with brothers/sisters and neighbours.

With Venus, the positive aspects show a strong connection to the feminine and good self-esteem. With the not so good aspects, we may have problems seeing ourselves as beautiful, and our self-esteem can be fragile. It can indicate your Mum maybe didn't feel too good about herself at the time you were born or maybe you missed out on the reassurance when you were little? Look more closely at the signs involved; we tend to neglect one to keep the other happy so have a look at how you can nurture both planets.

Aspects from Mars can make the Moon uncomfortable, the planet of war doing even a positive dance on your emotions can increase the chances of restlessness and emotions that are quick to react to situations. Hard aspects such as the opposition can give situations where you constantly feel under attack. Aspects between Mars and the Moon can indicate you learned early in life that feelings can be a cause of conflict or maybe you have had to fight to get your feelings heard. The signs involved are important; Aries will be much more impulsive and outwardly reactive than Scorpio or Taurus who may hold it in and fight the battle internally. You could have seen your Mother as strong, assertive and confident or argumentative, warlike and hostile to your finer feelings.

Jupiter makes everything bigger for better or worse, it can give emotions than bound along like a Scooby Doo or it can be greedy and all consuming, Mum was either a bountiful giver or made a drama out of everything, she was certainly a child of the Gods.

Good aspects to Saturn can give an individual the ability to control the emotions, but the hard aspects can (and probably do) repress, restrict and erect boundaries around your feelings. Mother may have had little choice but to put obligation and work above loving and hugs or she may have had other children to look after which limited the time she had with you. At the extreme end of delineation, mother could have been hard, cruel, and emotionless. It may be hard to relax and have a laugh; emotions are taken very seriously. Saturn aspecting the Moon is one of those that demands further exploration.

Aspects with Chiron can show wounding and extreme emotional sensitivity. With the hard aspects especially, it’s possible your mother was wounded herself or that she somehow wounded you. The conjunction can be uncomfortable and give rise to complex emotional patterns. The capacity to heal others is enormous, and it may be difficult to avoid a life which feels like service and sacrifice.

Uranus is not the best planet to have in aspect to the Moon. It's like having an electrical current running through the feelings, and with the conjunction and opposition especially, you never know when it's going to give you a jolt. It can be hard to call anywhere home, and frequent moves as an adult cannot be ruled out. Emotions don't tend to fade away; they’re either on or off unless a planet such as Saturn is aspecting the moon more strongly. Mum could have been different, erratic, or just plain distracted. This is another aspect that needs a much closer look.

Neptune will make it difficult to isolate your own feelings from others. The conjunction, trine, and sextile can give heightened sensitivity and a lot of psychic energy. The conjunction can indicate difficulty with creating emotional boundaries within close relationships. Ironically, it could be that the link between you and mother was never firmly established. Like all outer planet contacts to personal planets you have to look more closely, there are more answers to find.

Moon in aspect to Pluto brings undercurrents, manipulation, death, sadness, grief, healing, and the power of transformation. The list is intense and endless. Paranoia and the need to understand the difference between fear and intuition is an absolute must; there is likely to be compulsive behaviour in understanding what makes other people tick. Deep, dark and mysterious doesn't even begin to describe the emotional state of someone who has Pluto in aspect to the Moon; they will not share unless they trust you so don't even think about prying.