Notes On The Solar Self

Most people know what their Sun sign is before they have any idea about astrology, but the irony is, once you start to go deeper into the craft, the further away you go from the solar self. Everything in our solar system revolves around the Sun. Astrologically the Sun represents the core of our being; it is also what we are striving to become, and it may take our entire lifetime before we can claim full authenticity of the sign qualities.

Much of modern day thinking around the Sun sign is leaning towards accepting the idea that our sun sign is not who we automatically are, it is what we are striving to become. Aries is not born a warrior; Taurus has to learn to sing or paint, Gemini does not have the answer to everything when he’s five years old, Cancer will not fuss and look after everyone else’s needs until later on. Leo’s do not automatically have courage; Virgo will not come out of the womb cleaning the mess up behind him, Libra will not be happy about having to compromise all the time, Scorpio certainly won’t have the human psyche mapped out before he’s done a few rounds with desire. Sagittarius will have a lot to say, but nothing of any value until he’s has learned to acknowledge other people's opinions as well as his own; Capricorn may be very reluctant to take responsibility for anything, Aquarius may be incredibly conventional, and Pisces may be very present in her body and not dreamy at all.

All signs have both a positive and negative expression, and it is easy enough to switch from one to another regardless of your level of awareness but the more we work with ourselves, the more likely we are to get the best from what we have. The message I want to drive home is that we are becoming our Sun. We are learning to shine this particular light and depending on its place in the natal chart and the stress being placed on it from the other planets, we can determine if we have an easy or hard time integrating everything into this core essence. The house position of the Sun will give us the area of life that is likely to be of great interest to us. The Sun in the birth chart is where we have to shine, where we want to have recognition. If we deny the light of the Sun we are cutting our self off from happiness; we will lack fulfillment or feel like something is missing, we could be envious of others, and our soul will suffer just like a plant suffers if it doesn't get enough sunlight. All signs offer gifts to, humanity and none are better or worse than others. In traditional astrology, certain planets are considered to be in fall or detriment yet a part of me cannot agree with this. Whilst it is true enough that some sun signs will be more challenging, they still have great things to give, and without each and every sign we would have a very dull zodiac. The important thing here is to use each and every bit of yourself to its full potential, we cannot be good at everything, but if we know where our strengths lie, then we can use them to work on our weaknesses. As the sun rises each day we have a chance to honour its presence, on a personal level, this means doing something every day that benefits the inner self. It doesn't matter if it's something small; water your plants, draw the picture, write in your diary, write your lists, read the book, save the world, build that bridge or spaceship but do what your essence needs to thrive and not just survive.