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The true tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs. - A.E. Waite

Is This For You?

If you have a major interest in either tarot or astrology, then yes, it’s for you. No previous knowledge is necessary but if you’ve at least tried to learn the basics it’ll help. If you’re an experienced practitioner, I can help with more complex matters related to work or your personal life.

What I Offer

I have an enormous amount of wisdom and knowledge in both subjects. I began studying tarot and astrology in 1996 and turned professional around five years later. Initially, it was a means to an end - I had young children and it was a great way to earn money whilst staying home. I was naturally intuitive and extremely curious about all kinds of alternative subjects. My use of tarot and astrology has changed considerably over the years but I still find both to be invaluable tools for self-development. I no longer offer traditional readings with either methods but I am prepared to look at charts and spreads to work through issues and situations which may be ongoing in your life. I offer possibilities, not predictions.

What You Get

Tailor-made sessions based on your current level of ability and your desired level of knowledge. It’s difficult to be more specific because there’s so much material and it’s highly dependent on the individual asking. You should have a reasonable idea of what you hope to gain before we start and I can tell you if it’s possible to achieve. I’m happy to discuss your needs before you book a session. You then have the option to give it more thought before committing yourself.

Ways To Use This Service

Tarot Students - Tuition in hourly sessions. These sessions can include help with interpreting your own readings or support for the transition from amateur to professional.

Peer Support - For anyone working within the predictive arts or alternative health sphere. Sessions can be counselling, confidante or coaching based. You can talk about things affecting your working life, discuss problematic clients, or just vent to your heart’s content.

Counselling - For anyone not working within one of the predictive arts fields, we can use either tool as a starting point or a template to work through any current situations or behaviours which are affecting your quality of life - whether it’s your emotional, mental, or soul self.

Soul Work - Level 1 - For professionals and experienced readers/practitioners who are working through their own stuff and engaging in a high level of self-development and trying to expand their awareness.

Soul Work - Level 2 - For the soulful who wish to use either or both as a means to understand themselves more fully. Astrology can be information heavy but extremely useful if you have no idea of the talents and abilities you wish to nurture, or if you’re unsure which direction to take next. Astrology can also teach us how our sense of self is constructed and highlight potential strength and weakness. Tarot is a softer method; I can make suggestions on buying specific decks which are conducive to soul-work and we can explore it together. Or, I can draw cards at random for you and we can talk through the meaning. Exercises will be given for both and will be dependent on level of self-awareness and knowledge of the subject as well as basic alternative practices such as meditation and mantras.

Learn to balance Wisdom with Knowledge

Strengthen Your Intuition

Learn to Trust Your Instincts

Connect with Your Soul-Self

Tap into Ancient Wisdom for Answers

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde

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We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with. - D. H. Lawrence