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Crystal healing has become more popular over the last few years, and you can either wear it as jewellery, carry a stone in your pocket or even sleep with it under your pillow. Most can be used to charge water by leaving it to soak overnight then drinking the water (remember to remove the stone) Crystals work on a vibratory level so the most important thing to remember is that you will be guided by intuition in your choice of stones. I have always found it better to get what I was guided to and then find out more about it rather than looking through meanings first and trying to be rational about what I thought would be beneficial. It can be easy to miss the obvious when looking for self-help cures and tonics; we can also conveniently ignore parts of ourselves we would rather not acknowledge so interpreting something we've already bought can be a good way of learning things about yourself. Crystals will nearly always provide understanding and can be useful in helping you to decide what you should be focusing on with your spiritual path.


Agate: Available in many colours both naturally occurring and dyed. All Agates are good for anxiety and stress, used as an amulet to protect against physical harm.

Amber: Not a strong healing stone; works instead by drawing disease out of the body. An excellent choice to absorb negative energy, and helps you to become grounded if you're spaced out. Cleanse it often in water or meditation if you are actively using it.

Amethyst: A soothing stone which can help to promote peaceful sleep and insightful dreams. Good for clairvoyance, intuition, and spiritual awakening. It can help to eradicate anger and other intense emotions. 

Aquamarine: Strong association with water. Decreases anxiety and negative thinking. It will bring peace and protect those that are travelling by sea. Can help to eliminate excess body fluids.

CalciteBlue. Excellent for gaining mental distance from problems and helping to develop an objective viewpoint. Will cool heated emotions; this stone will help you to regain control of yourself if you are going through challenging situations that require detachment.

CalciteBrown. I've found this to be beneficial if you need to think more solidly. If you have trouble in grounding your thoughts or being realistic, then this stone may help to understand when, where, or if you need to be more practical. 

CalciteGreen. Another good stone for therapy as it helps with releasing old ways of thinking so that new positive thoughts can be assimilated. It can also be used if you need to work on trust issues.  

CalciteYellow. Excellent for when you need your mind to be sharp. It will teach you how to apply your higher minded thoughts in everyday life and communication. A good one to use if you're having therapy.

Carnelian: Another good stone for absorbing negative energy; it is said to offer protection from envy and can bring happiness. It is good to use if you are stuck in the past or wandering off into the future as it's a stone of living in the present moment.

Charoite: Brilliant stone for improving third eye awareness and also for releasing fears of the unknown. It connects the heart and crown chakra and is very much a stone for the soul. It's said to enable you to walk the highest roads. 

Chrysocolla: I love this stone. It teaches kindness, patience, and humility and is a brilliant one for using your higher mind. It will teach you mental detachment without shutting off your emotions and is a wonderful stone to use if you work as a psychic. 

Citrine: Good for aiding mental clarity and clear communication because it helps to express inner creativity. It can help to reorganise your thoughts if they are jumbled and will aid any learning process. 

Coral: Colours range from white through to brown. It is said this stone can help those who worry about what others think of them, and can be beneficial for those in the caring professions.

Emerald: Cheap versions are available. It can be a good stone to wear in the early stages of a relationship as it can ease the feelings of vulnerability. It brings fertility and growth into your life.

Fluorite: A tri-coloured stone that is used for combining mind, body, and spirit. It works on the heart for those learning to love unconditionally and will help you to move onto your next level of spiritual awareness. 

Hematite: A stone that helps to purify the blood and release toxins from within the psyche. It repels negativity from to the sender and can show you how to release your negativity safely. 

Jade: The Chinese regard Jade as an auspicious gem. There is a soothing quality to this stone, and it aids with balancing feelings in an earthly way. It will absorb negativity and criticism. 

Jet: This is another stone that can help to connect with past lives and bygone civilisations. The dense black of the stone is helpful in repelling negativity and can be used in magic to draw energy from the earth whilst protecting the aura. 

Kunzite: A very feminine stone and can certainly help if you need to increase your sensitivity towards others or soften more aggressive tendencies you may have. It will encourage you to love yourself and express your feelings.

Kyanite: Apparently it never needs to be cleaned. Works on the throat chakra enabling expression of inner truth. Kyanite also helps to increase mental perspective and can be useful during meditation. Some say it aligns all the chakras as soon as you hold it.

Lapis Lazuli: Used for many purposes by the Egyptians. This is a good stone for psychic ability. It has a penetrating quality and acts as the proverbial sword so use it with other specific healers for added power. 

Larimar: Also known as the dolphin or Atlantis stone. It is a soothing stone that heals and increases feminine energy. Very useful in connecting to water energy and learning to go with the flow.

Malachite: This will act as a mirror to bring into consciousness that which needs to be healed. Place over areas of dis-ease and it will show you the emotional or psychological reasons of the illness. Because of its density, it will absorb energy so will need to be cleansed if used. 

Moonstone: Another feminine stone. It will give guidance dreams if placed under a pillow, and can help to develop clairvoyance. Good for a man that needs to balance his masculine and feminine.

Obsidian: Another personal favourite but not for everyone. This stone acts as a psychological missile and will tune you into the deepest and darkest parts of yourself. It will show you the light of truth.

Opals: Attracts fire energy. Brilliant for creative self-expression and speaking your truth. Increases masculine energy, and is said to draw people and much-needed resources closer.

Peridot: A good stone for the heart but also for detoxing the body from overindulgence. I did read somewhere that only very spiritual people should wear peridot, so maybe it draws out arrogance and mental superiority too ;-)

Petrified Wood: A good stone for grounding and increasing common sense but also connecting with ancient civilisations and the ages that have gone before us.

Quartz: Clear. Available in clusters or single pieces it has the power to amplify all other stones when used together. It has an ability to clear thoughts and feelings, and will energise whatever it comes into contact with.

Quartz: Rose. A strong heart healer. Good for self-esteem and is another feminine stone that can help to balance male-female polarity.   

Quartz: Rutilated. The gold threads that run through are said to carry information and enable you to communicate more effectively. Helps to improve listening skills so you can assimilate what gets said to you.

Quartz: Smoky. Absorbs negative energy into itself and transforms it into positive. It will help you to face your inner shadows to enable the rebirth of your soul qualities.  

Rhodochrosite: This is a good stone for helping to combat anger. It increases bravery yet calms passions. It can help if you are going through a rebirth and releasing past traumas.

Ruby: Cheap pieces are available. It is said that Rubies can help you to attune to your past life records and will strengthen your survival instincts. Would be good to use if you're overly passive or need to develop assertiveness.   

Sapphire: Strong protective qualities and can increase psychic energy. A truth seeker stone that helps to clear away doubt and mental cobwebs.  

Selenite: I've found this to be quite an interesting one for actually shifting consciousness to the higher realms. A curious detachment from earthly concerns can occur when holding a good sized piece. It possesses the ability to record information.

Septarian: Also known as the dragon stone; a good all rounder for health and general well-being.

Seraphinite: Another beautiful stone and said to be one of the most powerful healing stones available to mankind. Most say it connects to angels, but personally, I feel it's more about connecting to the life here on earth and the energies that are all around us. 

Shiva Lingam: It is said that this stone can increase fertility, especially for a man. It's used to help with the connection between the physical and spiritual levels; it will enhance masculine energy in both men and women. 

Sodalite: A stone for activating the third eye. It will help you to think more rationally and is great for balancing the mind. This stone will help to increase spiritual ways of thinking, and clear out old patterns of thought that are of the lower mind.

Stibnite: This is used for transformation and is said to bring great power and wealth. I can't help feeling there is a connection to the future with this one and visions of things to come.

Sugilite: Another third eye stone that brings new ways of thinking, not as good for clearing old patterns but stronger in its effects for spiritual awakening. It can alter the aura quite strongly, and may help if you need to reconcile vulnerability and power.

Tanzanite: A beautiful stone that assists in furthering spiritual development. It can help with self-expression and bring positive qualities such as wisdom to the surface. A powerful stone for now. Can be used to form a connection with the higher self.  

Tektite: It is said that it can open blocked psychic passages by working on the lower chakras, clearing them of blockages so the energy can move freely upwards towards the heart and crown.

Tigers Eye: A beautiful stone for grounding yourself. Helps to focus on growth in the material world by directing you to your true path, one that brings inner as well as outer happiness.   

Topaz: I love Topaz, but it can be very expensive even for small amounts. Make sure it's not other stones which have been heat treated to look like Topaz. Topaz brings life force and fire energy. Under the pillow, it will energise you whilst you sleep.

TourmalineBlack. Also known as Schorl, can act as a defence against negativity that is directed towards you, and that which you feel towards yourself. A good stone to help you remain positive even if surrounded by the dark. Wards off psychic attack. 

TourmalineGreen. Also known as Verdelite. A multi-level healer that will strengthen the body so that it can channel more spiritual energy. It can adjust itself to the individual needs of the user.

TourmalinePink. Also known as Rubellite. Tourmaline does not absorb or hold any negativity. Carrying it will release sadness and fear which then enables you to have your heart open. It can be beneficial in the early stages of a relationship as you learn to trust your feelings again. 

TourmalineWatermelon. One of the best heart chakra stones. It shows how to achieve unconditional love, brings healing to your heart and lightens the burdens on the emotional plane helping energy to flow freely between mind, body, and spirit.  
Turquoise: An excellent stone for the throat chakra as it aids self-expression and helps to release the blockages that stop you from talking about your deeper feelings. Good for the lungs and helps you to live your soul's purpose. 

Vanadinite: I love the colour of this stone. It promotes vitality and strengthens the will to live, re-awakening the inner child and passion for life itself. Great stone to carry if you lack fire in your chart.