What Really Remains?

what really remains

Tis a grim place to be.

And I’ve sat there once or twice myself

Once, not all that long ago.

I went to re-read the diary entry that I’d written under the influence of this picture when it first appeared in my life; it was appropriately titled “Fucked Off”. Back then I had that feeling of weariness that follows a period of emotional hardship. I was at the point that I could no longer face looking forward at the nothingness that lay ahead for as far as the eye could see. I’d arrived in this place after an extended argument with He-Who-Lives-At-A-Distance. And I don’t want to go back there ever again if it can be at all avoided.



That being said; if it’s necessary, then……


And it was no sooner written, and as if by magic….

He pissed me off.

And I’m sat here wondering if I’ll be thrown back in the landscape I so desperately
want to avoid.

This image is not symbolic of the let-me-die-now sensation that accompanies desperation or despair. The skeleton says that the death has already occurred. The skeleton is the evidence left behind that somebody once existed; so this picture could represent a recent ending. It could be symbolic of the end of a situation that has left you stripped bare of your senses. Whatever, or whoever, the skeleton represents ~ it’s casting a shadow on the rock, and this tells us there has to be light coming from somewhere. There has to be insight available. The rock is a symbolic representation of something which is not easily destroyed. It needs nothing to survive. It can be worn down over time by water, or it may be fragmented by a major impact, but other than that it will stay as it is. It is solid. Dependable. The skeleton is taking respite with its back against this rock which is an indication of support, but it is not giving any comfort nor shelter from the harsh reality of what is to be faced. There’s an element of oppression from that which hangs overhead ~ the clouds are thick and sit low. But maybe the way out is to simply stand up; to get back on one’s metaphorical feet? Maybe this isn’t about putting your head in the clouds, but above them? Could the sky be blue beyond the murky blanket that obscures the view of the heavens above? If you find yourself sat in front of that rock you probably won’t be caring too much for a few old bones, but…

Something remains. Even in THIS barren landscape. And it can be used as a foundation to build on.