Soulsnatchers - A dark Side of Loving



Is it a sign?

But which one am I?

My honesty betrays my modesty and forces me to admit that I feel disturbingly aroused by the sight of this image. Or maybe I’m just disturbed by my arousal? It could be a fear in disguise which tries to hide inside my place of creation to find safety in being closer to the source of life itself. I can imagine that many would assume this is a vision from a nightmare, and yet it’s the captor himself who holds the dreamcatcher in his hand.

So, this is not her nightmare.

It’s his dream.

His stance suggests that he is aware that he may not be alone, and as he holds his possessions tightly he knows that he has to move stealthily if he is to avoid detection.

He doesn’t want anyone to see him because he doesn’t want to get caught in the act.

In the image, we can see that his eyes and ears are covered only loosely with what look to be cleansing pads and bandages. Is there a wound to the head? In the way that he thinks, perhaps? Does he somehow need more clarity in his vision? He can’t see what he’s doing, and neither can he hear her gasping for air, but he can feel that he’s holding onto something. He knows what he’s doing. If he wanted to remove the coverings he could, but first he would have to release what he is already holding in his hands, which is the dreamcatcher and the person he has trapped. Dreams are said to give us a link to the unconscious and as such, we have no control over the content. Even if we’re capable of lucid dreaming, the usual physical and mental restraints are no longer in place, so the question of accountability, of taking personal responsibility, may not be straightforward here.

Symbolically this image is saying that if we’re holding someone against their desires, we probably won’t be able to see it even if our actions are pointed out to us. Neither will we hear the verbal warnings given by others. The fact that he stands guarded is suggesting that he knows he’s doing something wrong ~ and that tells me he has at least some insight regarding his behaviour.

But, he will feel it in his bones.

He’ll probably have a sense of guilt or shame intermingled with anxiety.

And there will be much secrecy in the daily actions of one who is acting out an unconscious desire.

But what I so desperately want to know is this; Is he going to get her out of the bag and fuck her before she takes her last breath? Or will her last memory be of longing to breathe whilst she tries to free herself of the man-made constraint that prevents her facing her captor? Why would I assume that this is about sex? Does his nudity suggest something other than a sexual intention? On a deeper level, it could indicate that he has no protection, no barrier nor boundary against these desires that erupt from within and this could be letting us know there is a need to develop more than a basic awareness. Despite his apparent control, his nakedness suggests that he’s vulnerable…..

But what about she-who-has-been-caught?

At first glance, she is portrayed as no more than a victim.

But look closer.

She is not held in a loving embrace which would be difficult to escape. He has only one hand holding her captive. What is that fabric that she is fighting to free herself from? She has just one hand visible in the picture; she too has a weak hold on the situation, but it is a hold nonetheless. Oddly, it looks like she’s almost pulling the covering tighter over her mouth. Is she stifling her own screams? Or is she “pulling the wool over her own eyes”?  Does she have a firm enough grip to tear through the material that restrains her? Why isn’t she using both hands to fight her way out? Is her other hand somehow tied? Her eyes are visible and uncovered, but they are closed. Does this suggest that she may not want to look at the situation she is in, the one that has her trapped? She is aware that she has very little freedom to move, although she may be vocal about her struggle as her mouth is clearly open. It’s like a veil, the stuff that surrounds her, is she wrapped up nice and tight in a veil of illusion?

There’s no detail in either of their faces.

She could be anybody.

So could he.

This kind of situation can erupt from anyone; it is human desire at its most basic, and it cares not for the mortal who gets to act out its drama on a conscious level. It’s impersonal. It’s an urge. It doesn’t care about you nor anyone else. It’s only desire is to be acknowledged, but left under wraps and hidden out of sight it becomes a kind of monster. On a physical level, this kind of situation will usually be seen as one person being to blame and the other playing the part of a passive victim. The probability is, “the victim” is already caught in the trappings of life in general and is needing to find their strength to break free from restrictions that are suffocating on a soul level. But, we can fear freedom because it means we have to take conscious responsibility for our actions, and we may want to stay unconscious because we get to keep a feeling of security; even if that “security” is blocking our ability to walk a path of our choosing.

This image of kidnap and suffocation came into my life at a time when I was getting close to a man. I was attracted to his vibe, and despite knowing he had enough shit to fertilise half the planet I continued in my quest to get to know him better. Early on in the communication he mentioned feeling suffocated by his life circumstances, and yet as time went on the question arose as to whether he was guilty of suffocating others with his inability to confront his truth. I have to confess that a part of me wanted to be caught in his clutches. The dark side of me would be willingly enslaved to one who has fallen prey to his unconscious desires.

Or would I?

When I dig a little deeper, I am aware that the real attraction is the presence of the unconscious itself and its ability to overpower civility and ethical boundaries.

If this image strikes an internal chord you need to be aware that we can switch the ‘he and she’ around, and both parties may act out either role at any time, there’s no fixed way to apply the meaning in all of this. It may even represent a work situation, a twisted kind of sibling rivalry, or a relationship with two he’s or two she’s. It could be two different aspects of a single psyche working against one another, or in tandem, to stunt significant growth. The situation I was looking at alongside the image just happened to be a toxic sexual affair, but the psychic energy can manifest in any number of ways. We can’t stop ourselves from having unconscious desires and neither can they be forced into conscious awareness. Paying attention to our body is so important; those feelings we get, those impulses, that sense of something being wrong will show us what is going on underneath the surface if we have the balls to look. If you have to sneak around and hide your behaviour from others - you’re probably hiding stuff from yourself too.